Amazons WMC Chapter Nomads

About Amazons WMC

WMC Amazons are a female motorcycle club, which was established in 1998 in the United States.
In 2001 the first European chapter of the club was founded in Poland.
The next milestone was reached in year 2009, with the formation of our Chapter "Nomads".
Our chapter is consisted by girls who are living in Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Switzerland.
Amazons WMC Nomads unites in its ranks only femalebiker.
For us age, occupation, skin color, sexual orientation, and brand of motorcycle are irrelevant.
We are all women who, with a passion for motorcycles and our 6 principles together guide our club life.
Our Sisterhood is based on 6 principles, which are: LOVE, HONOR, TRUTH, RESPECT, LOYALTY, COMMITMENT.
That's what bonds us every day. We are devoted to our bikes and the specific style of life, of which an important element to us is riding together.
We also organize or co-organize different charity events for people requiring assistance.
Due to the fact that a significant number of our sisters come from Polish Szczecin, we agreed with other chapters of the club that the bikers of the city and its surrounding areas will supply the ranks of the Nomads hence their presence among us.